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In our equipped training room we offer different kinds of courses and workshops about espresso. Our training room has 15 workspaces and is equipped with a controlled temperature coffee machine, different coffe mills and two sample roasters. Courses and workshops are performed by junior chief Enrico Bendinelli.

Here below you can find a list of the next courses and workshops in program.

In collaboration with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) we organize the coffee taster license course that allows you to become coffee tasters to find out how to evaluate one of the most popular drinks in the world. The course is structured in a theoretical part and a practical part of tasting and concludes with a test to obtain the license consisting of a theoretical part (a written test on the topics covered during the course) and a practice (sensory evaluation of three coffees).

Location : Torrefazione Caffè Roen, Via Marconi 20, 37010 Affi (VR) IT
During: 8 hours

Workshop cost: 300€ + VAT
Course language: Italian
Participants min./max.: 4/15 People
Date of the course: 24/10/2018
Registration procedure: write to the mail

Workshop Program

the taste of espresso: the aims, the environmental and psychophysical conditions of the taster and the tools that are used; the judgment of the sense organs: the appearance, the aromatic profile, the taste; the tasting card: what it is and how to use it; the geography of production and consumption, the cultivation and the methods of coffee processing, the roasting and the chemical and organoleptic modifications involved, the packaging systems and their influence on the preservation of aromas, the type of mixture and the impact on quality of the cup; the grinder-dispenser and the espresso machine: constitution, typology, choice, use and maintenance to always obtain a perfect espresso. Rules and methods for constantly obtaining excellent coffee.

The course fee includes: Espresso Italiano Tasting, taster manual of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters; block of tasting sheets for notepad and pen Magazine Tasting IIAC Membership fee Final exam fee Lunch break in restaurant

This workshop offers the chance to discover the secret world behind your espresso cup, a simple and daily act which actually comes from far away passing through many working phases. You will come to know how green coffee is produced and processed, the art of roasting and blending, till to experience the various perceptions that a fine espresso can give us through the very personal experience of guided blind tasting.

Location : Torrefazione Caffè Roen, Via Marconi 20, 37010 Affi (VR) IT
During: about 2 hours

Workshop cost: 60 € VAT included
Participants min./max.: 4/15 People

Workshop Program

Presentation of the espresso extraction method; green coffee farming; harvesting and processing. Roasting process and show-roasting of a green coffee sample; guided tour of Caffè Roen roasting plant; guided blind tasting of 4 espressos with tasting form; tasting results collection and commeting.

Each participant will receive included in price 2 complimentary 250g coffee beans packages one of the blend 100% Arabica Gourmet and one of the blend Extra Bar. The workshop will be confirmed 1 day before via email. Workshop payment will take place directly at the location before its starting. For further information : +393454349038 or

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