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Sale of Coffee: put your trust in the experience of Caffè Roen

Coffee for sale


author: Editorial Staff

When looking for excellent coffee, turning to experts like Caffè Roen is the best choice. Since 1979, Caffè Roen has been producing the highest quality espresso coffee, taking care of every stage of the production process, from the selection of the beans to the artisanal roasting and the sale of coffee. We sell fresh coffee, packaged immediately after roasting to preserve the aroma, both for large orders and for private individuals. We offer a wide selection of blends and single-origin coffees also online, allowing customers to enjoy the quality of our coffee from the comfort of their own home.

Selling coffee: who to turn to?

When you are looking for excellent coffee, the best thing you can do is to turn to those who have made roasting and selling coffee their life's work.

Caffè Roen is a perfect example of this dedication: since 1979, on the shores of Lake Garda, we have been working with passion and expertise to produce an espresso coffee of absolute quality.

To achieve this high standard of quality, we take care of every stage of the production process. We start with the selection of the best green coffee varieties from the world's most renowned plantations.

Subsequently, the roasting, performed with craftsmanship, is designed to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean.

Finally, we are dedicated to selling our coffee, both through the Ho.Re.Ca channel and directly to private individuals, to bring the excellence of our espresso into consumers' homes.

Sale of fresh coffee

All the coffee we sell is fresh and packaged shortly after roasting to ensure that each cup best expresses the essence of the beans.

This commitment to freshness is a cornerstone of our business philosophy and applies to every order, regardless of size. Whether for large orders or smaller packages destined for private individuals, we ensure that the coffee is strictly fresh and in beans.

Packaging coffee immediately after roasting is essential to minimize the oxidation process, which can compromise the quality and flavor of the coffee.

For us, freshness is not just a promise, but a guarantee that accompanies every pack. Our attention to detail at every stage of the process, from the selection of the beans to the final package, ensures that the coffee produced by Roen is always synonymous with excellence and freshness.

Buying coffee online

In addition to distribution in Ho.Re.Ca channels, which includes hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, we also deal with the sale of coffee online.

This allows us to bring the quality of our coffee directly to each customer's home, wherever they are. Through our e-commerce, customers can choose from different coffee blends and origins, selecting the beans that best suit their tastes and preferences.

Buying online is a convenient alternative for those who want to always have our excellent coffee available without having to leave home.

We are proud to be able to share our passion for coffee with an ever-growing public, thanks to the convenience and accessibility of online sales.

Our coffee blends

If you are interested in buying coffee online, we invite you to discover our wide selection of blends from our two brands Caffè Roen and Espresso Bendinelli, carefully created to satisfy every palate: 100% Arabica coffee, Extra bar, Costa del Sol, Gran Bar, Intenso and Armonioso.

Each blend is the result of a scrupulous selection and an artisanal roasting process that enhances the peculiarities of each bean.

We invite you to explore our site and choose the blend that best suits your taste and needs, to bring superior quality coffee to your home.

Our single-origins

In addition to our blends, we are also producers and sellers of single-origin coffees, which provide espresso with a unique and strong character.

From the majestic mountains of Antigua in Guatemala, through the historic Malabar region of India, to the lush forests of El Salvador and Colombia, we have carefully selected single-origin coffee varieties to offer you a unique and unusual espresso.

With this selection of single-origin coffees, we wish to take you on a journey through the most emblematic regions of the coffee world.

Each variety has been chosen not only for its excellence, but also for its ability to offer a new and fascinating tasting experience.

Let yourself be transported by the aromas and flavors of these extraordinary coffees, and discover how a simple espresso can expand your sensory horizons, giving you moments of genuine pleasure.

Single-use pods

So that more and more people could approach the fantastic world of Roen artisan coffee, we decided to also deal with the sale of pods online.

For our single-serving pods, we have carefully chosen the Gran Bar blend, characterized by a predominance of robusta.

This blend was specifically selected to guarantee a coffee that is perfectly adapted to the podding process, during which the coffee tends to lose some of its original characteristics.

The end result is a well-balanced, creamy and velvety coffee with a low acidity that satisfies even the most demanding palates.

100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee

100% Arabica

€ 25,00 € 20,00

100% Arabica Coffee

100% Arabica

€ 25,00 € 20,00

Armonioso Coffee

90% Arabica – 10% Robusta

€ 23,00 € 19,00

Extra Bar Coffee

80% Arabica – 20% Robusta

€ 22,00 € 18,50

Costa del sol Coffee

60% Arabica – 40% Robusta

€ 20,00 € 17,00

Intenso Coffee

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 20,00 € 17,00

Gran Bar Coffee

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 18,00 € 15,00

Single-dose pods E.S.E.

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 45,00 € 38,00

Malabar Monsoon India Coffee

Single origin 100% Arabica

€ 26,00 € 23,00

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