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The Best Coffee Cocktails: How to Prepare

cocktails with coffee


author: Editorial Staff

If you’re a fan of cocktails with coffee, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will explore some of the best recipes for cocktails with coffee that will make your evenings even more special by combining them with our best blends. We will present a recipe for an easy-to-make cocktail with coffee at home, and then move on to a list of other very interesting combinations if you want to improve your skills as a coffee barman. Our focus will then shift to answering some of the most common questions of those entering the world of coffee-related cocktails. Finally, the ’Coffe in Good Spirits’ competition will be presented, a treat for those who love this unique product.

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Cocktail recipe with Coffee: "What Else" by Andrea Cason

We chose this recipe because it is perfect to prepare from the comfort of home. To make this delicious cocktail, you will need:

• 35 ml Vodka
• 17 ml Sambuca or aniseed liqueur
• 45 ml of 100% Arabica Coffee or 100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee by Caffe Roen
• 12 ml caramel syrup
• 7 drops of Angostura bitters

Not sure which of the two coffee blends to choose? Don’t worry, Caffè Roen will guide you in choosing which coffee to pair with your cocktail:

1. Choose Coffee 100% Arabica prefer a roundness and body that is accentuated. This blend is very different from the classic 100% Arabica, while preserving very fine aromatic notes, particularly of fresh fruit.

2. Choose Coffee 100% Arabica Gourmet if ... you prefer a classic but extremely fine 100% Arabica blend, with a bouquet of aromas including flowers, fresh fruit, honey and a pronounced but balanced acidity.

As for the cocktail on the other hand... the preparation is simple and fun! First, take a shaker and add all the listed ingredients. Make sure you add ice as well. Then, close the shaker and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds. This step is crucial to perfectly mix the ingredients and cool the coffee cocktail.

Once the shaking is finished, it is time to strain the coffee cocktail. You can do this by pouring the mix through a strainer directly into a cocktail glass, or into a tall glass filled with ice to keep the drink cool for longer. And now, the most awaited moment: savouring your coffee cocktail "What Else" prepared with care and passion with the unmistakable taste of Caffe Roen blends!

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You can find lots of curiosities about the world of coffee!

Cocktail with Coffee: Roen Coffee Selection

We have just seen an example of a cocktail with coffee that is easy to prepare at home. However, we are still not satisfied. That’s why we are going to show you more recipes on which to test your coffee barman skills. Here is a series of carefully selected coffee cocktails from Caffè Roen.

Take your time to choose the one that suits you best!

Cocktail with Coffee: Comare in Brazil

We have selected a cocktail by Davide Spinelli, an SCA expert, consultant and coffee cocktail ambassador who presents a new recipe: the Comare in Brazil.

Ingredients include 41 ml espresso, 16 ml yellow pepper jam, 31 ml Rhum Agricole and 21 ml Vermouth del Professore.

But which coffee to choose?
We recommend the Caffè Costa del Sol blend by Caffè Roen. A predominantly Arabica blend characterised by a distinct creaminess, on which the robusta qualities form the base, blending everything into a creamy and fragrant whole, with a sweet, velvety and slightly acidic taste with notes of chocolate.

How is it prepared?
Preparation involves mixing the ingredients without ice, followed by cooling with the throwing technique; serve in a low glass with an ice cube and garnished with pepper peel. This drink, designed as an aperitif, is also well suited for late afternoon and as a digestive, especially during the warmer months.

A perfect coffee cocktail for any hot summer day, especially when combined with a creamy blend such as Caffè Costa del Sol.

Cocktail with Coffee: Triple C

We chose: Eros Schiavon, bartender at the cocktail bar Exit Pastificio Urbano in Milan, presents Triple C, a refreshing cocktail perfect for aperitifs.

The ingredients include 42 ml of Calvados, 17 ml of homemade salted caramel or Monin (in this case 10), 61 ml of Drink 124 Cold brew and 3 dash of Angostura. The preparation consists of pouring the ingredients into the mixing glass, stirring and serving in a tumbler glass with ice, decorating with a thin slice of green apple.

The acid notes of this coffee cocktail balance each other harmoniously, preparing the palate for dinner.

But which coffee to pair with it?
In this case we recommend the Coffee Gran Bar blend. Our strongest-tasting blend... intense, creamy and with particularly low acidity so that it balances perfectly with the already present sour notes of the other ingredients.

Cocktails with Coffee: 1,2,3

Another Aicaf-certified coffee master and consultant for companies and clubs, Gianni Cocco, proposes ’1,2,3’, a slightly alcoholic and fruity drink perfect for aperitifs.

The ingredients include 310 g of filtered water, 210 g of Fabbri Merendry Bitter Amarena and 45 g of Caffè Intenso.

Why choose the Caffè Intenso blend?
It is a blend with an amazing velvety and silky texture, difficult to find in similar blends, together with a low acidity and pronounced body.

How is this coffee cocktail prepared?
Preparation involves pouring the water and bitter into the top cruet of the cold drip, percolating over the coffee for 5.5 hours.

Subsequently, half of the black cherry bitter is poured into a nitrogen siphon and the other half into a twist and sparke CO2 siphon. The drink is poured into a glass with two ’rails’, showing the different consistencies. A very interesting coffee cocktail for professionals.

Cocktail with Coffee: Ikawa

Conceived by Davide Barbieri and created by Michael Ciaccia, bartender at La Drogheria in Turin, Ikawa is a pleasant and unusual aperitif.

Ingredients include 23.5 ml Bobby’s gin, 8.5 ml Prince de los Apostoles gin, 85 ml 80% Arabica coffee and 15 ml cardamom syrup.

But which Arabica coffee blend? We recommend Caffè Extra Bar. This blend is characterised by a pronounced note of dried fruit and cocoa and a moderate acidity, which make it especially appreciated by those looking for espresso coffee with a classic Italian taste.

After mixing the ingredients using the throwing technique, the coffee drink is served in an earthenware cup to fully express the depth of flavour.

Still on the subject of cocktails, we did some research and found some questions that those interested in the world of cocktails with coffee often ask themselves.

Here are a few we wanted to answer.

Who invented the ’Espresso Martini’ cocktail with coffee?

If you are looking to expand your repertoire of cocktails with coffee, you cannot overlook the Espresso Martini. This delicious drink, born from the creative mind of legendary bartender Dick Bradsell in 1980s London, has conquered palates around the world thanks to its irresistible combination of coffee and liqueurs.

What does Espresso Martini taste like?

Espresso Martini has a unique, enveloping flavour that perfectly balances the intense aroma of coffee with the sweetness of coffee liqueur, usually Kahlúa, and the lively note of vodka. The result is a rich and enveloping coffee cocktail with a slightly bitter aftertaste that makes it irresistible to coffee and cocktail lovers.

How is Espresso Martini made?

To make an authentic Espresso Martini, you will need freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur such as Kahlúa, good quality vodka and a touch of sugar syrup to balance the flavours. Shake the ingredients vigorously with ice in a shaker and pour the mix into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans on top of the foam for an elegant finishing touch.

How do you make Irish coffee?

If you are interested in another coffee-based delicacy, you might consider Irish Coffee. This classic coffee cocktail has its origins in Ireland and is a delicious combination of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream.

To prepare it, pour the whiskey and sugar into a heatproof mug, add the hot coffee and stir well. Top with a generous dollop of whipped cream and enjoy this warm embrace of comfort and flavour. Here again, we would like to recommend one of our coffee qualities!

Our choice falls on the Caffe Extra Bar blend, fresh from winning the gold medal at the International Coffe Tasting 2023, synonymous with excellence and the highest quality.

Caffè Extra Bar is a blend composed of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta and is the top blend of the Caffe Roen line. Perfect for professional use, Extra Bar produces a smooth and creamy espresso with a strong and balanced taste.

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We have reached the end of the article and if you have read this far we have kept a little surprise for you.

Did you know that there is a World Championship for cocktails with coffee called ’Coffee in Good Spirits’? Yes, it exists! Let’s see it together.

The World Championship of Coffee Cocktails

The ’Coffee in Good Spirits’ World Championship celebrates original drink recipes that enhance the combination of coffee and alcohol in a competitive context. This competition highlights the mixing skills of bartenders and baristas, creating an environment where coffee and alcohol blend harmoniously.

From classic Irish Coffee (with whiskey and coffee) to unique cocktail mixes. During the preliminary phase, participants prepare four drinks - two hot drinks with identical coffee and alcohol and two cold drinks with coffee and alcohol.

The six contestants with the highest scores enter the final phase, where they have to make two Irish Coffees and two special coffee and alcohol drinks.

The winner of the final round will be named Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion. What better event to steal a few secrets from the world’s best coffee baristas? Below you will find the ranking with the names of the top five.

Results of the World Cup on Cocktails with Coffee

We present the results of the World Championship of Coffee in Good Spirits 2023:

1. Rastislav "Rasty" Kasar, United Kingdom
2. Tanpong, Thailand
3. Danny Andrade, Australia
4. Christos Klouvatos, Greece
5. Sion Wu, Taiwan
6. Marco Poidomani, Italy
7. Making coffee cocktails is not only fun but can in some cases become a real passion.

That’s why Caffè Roen is committed to bringing you the best coffee cocktail recipes to show everyone how a drink as simple and good as coffee can be used in countless ways.

In this article we have combined all our varieties with different coffee cocktail recipes, now all you have to do is try them!

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