Caffè Guatemala

Guatemala Antigua Pastores Coffee

Single origin 100% Arabica

500g in grains

From the volcanic region of Antigua in Guatemala, which has always been known for the excellent quality of its coffees, we have selected this exceptional single origin of washed Arabica coffee, a special selection of the best coffees in the region, made by the Pastores farm with more than 50 years of experience.
Thanks to our artisanal drum roasting at low temperature, we were able to enhance its best characteristics, thus obtaining a rich and delicate coffee with a fine floral aroma that presents itself with a subtle and smooth light hazelnut cream and light mahogany brindle, a moderate acidity elegant and balanced that goes well with a round and enveloping body, giving way at the end to a delicate aftertaste of cherry and milk chocolate, characteristics that make it perfect for an authentic soft and delicate Italian espresso!

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